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Fáilte go dtí Achadh Fhobair.

Achadh Fhobair, translating to field of the springs in English, is a small village located approximately 6 km from the town of Westport, Co. Mayo. Aughagower covers an area and parish of 222.9 km² / 55,084.0 acres / 86.1 square miles. The topography is a mix of mountain, bog and good quality lowland with an abundance of rivers, streams, wells and natural lakes.
Aughagower’s central hub and focal point is the location of its historic round-tower and abbey ruins dating back to its foundation by St.Patrick when he appointed Bishop Senach of Armagh. Aughagower since its formation by Saint Patrick in the fifth century was the most influential parish of Umhaill (Co.Mayo) .St.Patrick stayed in Aughagower for quite sometime before journeying onwards to ‘Croagh Patrick’, Ireland’s Holy Mountain and second in terms of height at 764m. It was at its summit that St. Patrick fasted for 40 days during a pilgrimage that dates back over 5,000 years from stone age and pagan times. Aughagower to this day is core to the Tóchar Phádraig pilgrim route from Ballintubber Abbey to Croagh Patrick summit in Murrisk, overlooking Clew Bay,
Our village through the modern ages has retained much of its historic nature and landscape. Single dwellings and minor residential developments have integrated transparently into the respected nature and history of the village. Secondary roads weave through the village and various housing settlements. The roads and land boundary’s are marked by hand built limestone walls dating over a hundred years also further strengthened by native blackthorn, Ash and Sycamore trees which occur naturally and later integrated through good farming hedgerow practices.
The village is fortunate to retain a combined shop, post office, bar and fuel pump(Scott’s XL), a feature slowly becoming a scarcity of rural Ireland. It is operated by the Scott family who have continued and built on tradition over 150 years. In the past Aughagower had 3 pubs Scott’s, Keane’s and Muldoon’s which were of equal tradition and importance. Unfortunately Muldoon’s bar was demolished some 10 years ago and Keane’s bar closed its doors early 2020.
St. Patrick’s Church, is of Catholic denomination the majority religion of the area. The church celebrates mass Saturday evening and Sunday morning. There are 4 graveyards located centrally to Aughagower Village with 3 being largely historic. Aughagower parish runs under the Tuam Diocese.
The youth of Aughagower are educated at primary level in Knockrooskey National School, Lankhill National School and Cushlough National School. On completion of primary education prospective pupils attend Secondary Education at Rice College Boys School or Sacred Heart Girls School. It is not unusual for pupils to attend schools in Louisburgh or Castlebar depending on individual needs or circumstances. Should students wish to progress to Higher Education they largely attend locally Westport College of Further Education, National University of Galway, GMIT, Sligo IT, Letterkenny IT to name a few, Indeed prosepective students travel to various colleges or universities nationally throughout Ireland. Apprenticeships in Carpentry, Electrical and plumbing are popular prove very popular as well as employment within the Hospitality & Tourism Sector.
We are very fortunate in our village to have such an active Community Council and Volunteer network who work tirelessly for the development of the village and their aspiring youth. There are  various clubs that encourage children to develop social and personal development skills through Sport, Art, Music and Recreation. The main clubs in Aughagower are Handball, Athletics, Road Bowling and Fóroige. Youths can enjoy these clubs locally and take part nationally in various competitions. Aughagower handball and road-bowling clubs have hosted various successful National Competitions with admired respect from participants and stakeholders.
The primary method of employment for Aughagower residents is in the Hospitality& Tourism, Factory & Warehouse, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Social Science & Healthcare industries. Allergan Pharmaceutical is Westport’s  anchor employer and it is from here the worlds supply of Botox is manufactured and exported.
Farming remains an integral part of life in Aughagower. Beef and Sheep farming are the primary methods with the exception of a some dairy farming herds. Primary beef breeds are Limousine and Charolais. Mayo Blackface & Texel crosses are the popular choice of sheep farming. However there are exceptional breeders of Pedigree Charolais, Blond d’Aquitaine and Blue Leicester available locally.
The landscape of Aughagower affords its residents and visitors a beautiful selection of lakes, rivers, wells and forests to explore through walking or hiking and indeed some hobby fishing. There is also the possibility to witness some native Flora and Fauna. In terms of wildlife the list of animals to be seen include Red Fox, Badger, Otters, Swans, Herron’s, Wild Ducks, Wood Cock, Pheasant, Hares, Pine Martins, Rabbits and various wild birds to name but a few. 
While exploring the landscape you are also sure to see native trees such as Ash, Sycamore, Blackthorn, Holy and Hazel. Wildflowers are visible in wooded areas and damp marshy areas or hedgerows including. Foxglove, Bluebell, Buttercup, Primrose, Wild Mint, Wild Garlic, Honeysuckle.With some fruit Blackberry’s, Strawberry’s and Crab Apples in certain areas. 
Aughagower is the perfect place to explore ancient and historic culture while embracing local life whether your visiting our village or on your journey through Mayo just like Saint Patrick in 441. Why not follow in his footsteps.
A further detailed history can be found in our Blog page or explore our services available locally. Should you have any queries in relation to Aughagower just send us an email.

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